Beneath The Surface

Being raw, being open, being vulnerable.

A trait we all crave in this world filled with highlight reels

But one of the hardest because we have to admit.

Admit that we don’t have it all together

That at times we aren’t who we portray to be

Being open is a risk. You never know what you will get.

Supporters or haters.

Relators or judgers.

But that’s the beauty of vulnerability.

It’s intentions aren’t to draw a huge crowd, but sometimes it does.

At it’s core, it’s to relate to one other soul

To let them know that this life may be difficult, but don’t give up, don’t give in.

Going Beneath The Surface, Katie Obi Obasi

Something I’ve been wrestling with is entertaining lies from the enemy. And I say the enemy because one, I know God sure didn’t whisper such thoughts and two, I feel like people get afraid to say Satan.

Fear doesn’t come from God.

Self hate doesn’t come from God

Anxiety doesn’t come from God

Depression doesn’t come from God


Here is what I don’t like FEELING

insignificant in this big world full of creative minds and interesting stories.

like the worlds problems are too much to overcome

that I can’t make a huge impact as us world changers yearn to do

boxed into ideals that don’t hold much ground, but just breeds from ignorance and other things

lost, confused, hopeless

dreamless, unmotivated, empty

mistaken, undermined because of my gender, looked over because of my color

seen as unqualified because of my age, laughed at because of ambitions

ignored because of my generation, discarded because of my faith

I don’t like feeling unloved

sometimes we forget that we are humans and humans need basic necessity like shelter, food, water

but we are creatures created to love and receive love.

We have been offered this identity that doesn’t carry any negative connotation

doesn’t ever come short of who we truly are

but many wander on this path we describe as life, alone, afraid, nervous

begin to engage in defensive ways

trying to protect false identities, pretending that we found ourselves when we haven’t

choosing to stay offended, allowing irritation and hatebreed

and sometimes I just want to exhale.

I wrote these various pieces of writings separately. I didn’t know I would join these pieces together for this post. But it works, and here is why.

A couple weeks ago, a lovely youtuber contacted me via instagram, inviting me to join a movement called Beneath The Surface. Basically, it is an invitation to be vulnerable, authentic and honest online. Something that I hope most of us yearn to do in this world populated by highlight reels and facetune. I’ll be honest, it’s been awhile since this offer was proposed, I just didn’t know at the time what to write about. You know how someone asks you “How are you?” and a million answers come to mind, yet “I’m fine, you?” are the only words that spill from your lips. That’s how it felt. I never want to go online and rant about my life, but I don’t want to go online simply to highlight the golden parts of the journey. I wrestled back and forth with wanting to post this, but in all honesty, sometimes we have to push ourselves to do things that make you very uncomfortable.

Kiersten Abernathy is a wonderful person full of light! She started this movement to make a change in the wave of media. I hope you check out her channel, her video introducing this movement is linked.