Here is what I really want…

In my head I really like the idea of being a creative person, always having a trick up her sleeve, a talent many have yet to see. However, when I sit down, I spend more time trying to coax information out of my head than doing a word vomit on the page. I am tired of putting things off till tomorrow. I don’t know exactly what is ahead for me, but I do want to be sure that I am pursuing every opportunity that God graciously gives us to shine in our purposes and reflect his glory. Isn’t that something we should all pursue after for? Yet it is so disheartening to see so many people feel so inadequate that it prevents them from even asking the Lord what is their purpose. And then there are the people who know exactly what God has called them to do yet choose to ignore it because it doesn’t exactly flow with their logic. Logic fails so many people in this department because  it is the part of us that needs to surrender completely to God so we can clearly hear Him as He speaks to us. Our hearts need to be soft  and our minds like a sponge and just soak up all that God has to tell us about. Life can be one great adventure if we entrust our life into His hands. Another question that arises and I often have asked, How do I completely surrender everything to God? I mean is it just a one time flip of the switch process? Well, love no, it’s not. Each day runs with infinite possibilities. You get to choose how you will approach this day. Will you jump into with your strength or rely on God’s? Is it your agenda then God,  or is it God and then whatever comes after? Surrender our day to the Lord is a DAILY thing, and the more we continue to humbly come before the Lord before we jump into our day, the more natural it becomes to deny ourselves before the Gracious Father, who has plans to transform you, encourage you, teach you, build you up, love on you and so much more.

Yea this is a lesson that I am literally telling myself at this moment.



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